Know the different types of casual shirts

Know the different types of casual shirts

If one wishes to go for casual smart look then casual shirts are the best choice from men’s fashion.  Whether they would like to go out with their mate at night, need a formal work outfit, casual sleeve shirt or would like to make one’s own statement, these are the best options. They can be versatile in clothing as they can now experiment with a variety of colors, patterns and designs and various ways in which those can be worn. The following are the best ways with which men can now wear casual shirts:

  • Men’s casual shirts-fit: Though there are different casual shirts which are available slim fit is the one which is tailored and can worn with dress shirts, can get casual look with loose style especially when it’s a hot atmosphere. Though the shirt might be of free size it’s always better to check out the chest size to make sure the shirt fits you perfectly.
  • The men’s casual long sleeve shirt- Denim casual shirt: These casual shirts are very durable and can be worn as part of layered outfit or just the same as it are. These shirts are made up of light weight and textured material that goes perfectly with any of your outfits down while you maintain your style. You can also go for summer outfit and can be found in a variety of color options to choose.
  • Plaid casual shirt: These plaid shirts are also known as the lumberjack shirts which are very popular now days. The men’s fashion world is now taken over by the lumberjack style along with beard. This style can be made perfect by combining with variety of denims. You can go for the rustic texture fabric or a dark navy with plaid design that gives you a great masculine style. 
  • The white casual shirt: When one wants to play safe to get the smart casual outfit then the long sleeve white shirt is the best option. This look is very stylish and versatile. You can combine this look with dark navy chinos. You can play with different color contrast options in order to balance from being bright. 
  • Casual black shirt: Most people might not think about black when they are looking for casual shirts. But when you would like to go for a darker outfit then black is always a great choice. To add more stylish look, one can go for the Oxford shirt which is made out of more textured material. This will prevent it from looking too formal. The black shirts can be paired up with the black colored skinny jeans to have a uniform look. One can also layer this shirt with a lightweight outerwear shirt. Probably a denim or leather jacket will make it look stylish.

Based on the occasion which they are going to attend, one can actually choose a shirt with a variety of combination and pair up accordingly while you create your own signature style.

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